Govt Degree College Rudrapryag

Government Degree College, Rudraprayag -Uttarakhand

Affiliated to: Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University


राजकीय महाविद्यालय, रुद्रप्रयाग- उत्तराखण्ड

संबद्ध : श्री देव सुमन उत्तराखंड विश्वविद्यालय

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About the Department  :-  The Department of English came into existence in the college in the year 2016 with undergraduate program. For its Bachelor’s Degree program, it was initially affiliated to the H.N.B. Garhwal University which was later on changed to the Sridev Suman University, Tehri Garhwal. As a teacher of English at U.G. level my vision for the department will go along with and go by the Principal and  other senior members of the faculty and their common vision for the overall academic growth and development of the department and the institution. I, presently a guest-faculty, will focus particularly on the development of four skills of language in the students, and also use audio-video devices to screen-display of selected literary texts in their cinematic and performed- play versions thereby arousing their curiosity and interest in literature. The department aims to acquaint the students with the wide spectrum of literature in English and to fashion in them taste for literature. English being the link-language in a multilingual country like India, the department proposes to develop the students’ communication skills, both receptive and productive. The motto of the Department is to develop among the students serious taste for literature and to enrich their communicative skills.

Vision of the Department : –  The Department of English aims to create awareness amongst students to have an inter-lingual approach for adequate understanding of  Literature. It simultaneously seeks to incorporate strategies for language proficiency as a major tool for cognitive development in varied contexts. The course aims at teaching Language and Literature in English representing historical scope, cultural diversity, and various genres in socio-politico-linguistic contexts. Apart from focusing on British, Indian, and American Literature written in English, the course also includes new Literatures in English embodying the theory and practice of translation.

Best Practices: Maintaining Departmental Academic Calendar, conducting internal assessment tests for every unit, particular attention to academically weaker students, organize GD on the syllabus topics, invite timely feedback by the students, as learner centric approach remains our primary focus.

Programme Specific Outcomes:

 By the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Learning English literature opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today’s global environment. English Literature studies give an opportunity to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays. By going through the course, the students will enhance their literary sensibilities as well.
  • Speak fluently in English
  • Use good writing strategies
  • Demonstrate critical thinking
  • Use grammar effectively in writing and speaking.
  • Gain a good vocabulary
  • Develop an interest in English and motivate them to learn the language.
  • Enrich their LSRW (Listening, reading, writing and Speaking) skills so that they can pursue their personal, academic and career goals through the acquisition and improvement of English language and communication skills
  • Appreciate the importance of words and their power and learn the skills of presentation in both speech and writing.
  • Learn the English Language skills that act as passport to the job market to all job seekers. Acquire the ability to communicate well in English and possess a good educational foundation. Obtain a measurable knowledge and a set of skills in using English language in personal and professional life.


The Mission of the Department- The department wishes to grow further as a diverse and socially responsible learning centre. Its aim is to extend the educational facilities to the local common and poor persons residing at this remote hilly area, and to enhance their knowledge and skills for getting jobs both in public and private sectors. The fundamental assumption on which the edifice of the Department of English is based is that words matter. We deal with words not only in acquiring the fundamental language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing but also in promoting human connection in the community through communication and various such discourses. Our students engage with respective teachers in a continuing dialogue about what it means to think analytically, critically, and creatively about words, texts and the world through a multitude of diverse perspectives. The syllabus of the various courses offered by the department incorporates suggestions of the NEP, 2020 by striking a fine balance between aesthetic sense and job prospects. The department’s core values include a commitment to:

  • Equip the students with the necessary knowledge and skills in English language and literature for becoming better professionals
  • Inculcate aesthetic sense and human values among the students
  • Identify hidden talents and provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and thus shape them into future academicians, leaders, entrepreneurs and above all good human beings
  • Advanced learning as a humanizing social practice rather than as a competitive exercise
  • Abide by the principles that do not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, gender and economic status




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NEP-2020 (Semester)



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Dr. Niyati Kabthiyal

Assistant Professor


B.A. ,M.A., Ph.D